Kala Boisvert, Stylist/Colorist:

Kala comes to the walk in with 9 years of experience. A lifelong hair enthusiast, she spent a lot of time experimenting and learning from mistakes on herself and friends before training at Penrose Academy in Scottsdale. She has cultivated her craft in Denver and Portland with advanced training from Bumble & Bumble and Wella and has been established in Brooklyn since 2012.

Skilled in both color and cuts Kala can help you express yourself with your hair the way that you’ve always wanted & make you feel comfortable and heard. Sympathizing with the struggle of many: “my hairdresser doesn’t listen to me” she takes the time to find out what you want. Our hair is like a fingerprint and no two heads grow the same, so she takes a fresh approach to each person in her chair meticulously and creatively tailoring a style that feels natural, maintainable and will look great as it grows out. As a woman with short hair, Kala felt a lot of disconnect in a lot of salons and barbershops. In an effort to fill that void, she set out with the intention to change the experince of people wanting to express themselves outside conventional beauty standards and gender norms in salons.

A stereotypical Capricorn, Kala is a workaholic who loves her job. When she’s not working, she’s out finding new problems to solve and projects to work on channeling a lot of that energy into cooking, board games and traveling. She is mostly a homebody who has two cats Pancake and Bruce, and has been known to watch an entire season of a tv show in one day.

Yollanda Stephens, Master Barber

Yollanda has been a barber in New York since 2003, two years after moving from Jamaica. When Yollanda started out at the little trade school in Harlem, she had almost nothing at all and never would have thought that this would be her life’s passion. Changing people’s hair is about more than aesthetic priorities—though they’re important, too. When she works on sculpting heads and drawing fades with architectural precision, she also wants to engage with the lives of her clients, which are constantly in flux.

We are insistently pursued by demands for change in our lives. Just as we become comfortable with one mindset, one idea, one way of living together—suddenly new circumstances demand a certain degree of flexibility.While Yollanda traverses the city as a mobile barber to connect with people’s needs both aesthetic and otherwise, she also can be found at The Walk-In every Friday and Saturday by appointment and taking walk-ins when time permits.
For Yollanda, barbering is about fostering a creative connection between two people. She helps people make bold, stylish, positive choices; working with clients is about molding their aesthetic to reflect their best personal traits and desires. The experiences and the connections she builds with people are profoundly rewarding.

Chelsea Belle, Owner and Stylist/Colorist (Not taking new clients)


Chelsea Belle  brings  a good eye, a sharp set of shears, and 15 years of experience in the industry  with her to the neighborhood. Chelsea is an Aveda trained stylist who began her hair career in the Bay Area before moving to Brooklyn 11 years ago.

Chelsea thinks of doing hair as a kind of ‘practice of every day art.’ Her philosophy of hairstyling is predicated on a belief that how we feel about our hair and our look matters deeply to how we operate in the world. A style is only great then if a client can recreate it at home and have it become part of their daily life. Chelsea therefore focuses on creating styles that fit her clients rather than turning the hair into a foreign imposition that acts on the person in her chair. This process begins with a good consultation and, while a picture is often worth a thousand words, playing twenty questions about your hair and what you want it to do can often be just as important as an image.

Chelsea is taking some time off from working behind the chair to work out a Marxist theory of grace, but that’s another story.