About the Walk-In, A Boutique Salon and Barbershop

Located inside the Record Shop at 360 Van Brunt, The Walk-In is a boutique salon and barber, offering a full-range of  hair cuts and color services. The Walk-In has cultivated a unique salon environment that is simultaneously cozy and intimate while also being a community space that is full of good music, bright light, and summer vibes. The shop offers highly personalized cuts, colors, and styles for all genders.




In addition to offering fragrance free shampoo and conditioner options, we also offer ammonia free hair color on request. We invite you to  schedule  a haircut online, give us a call to talk about your appointment needs and/or book a color appointment, or just pop in to say hi and check out the styling products (and records) on offer. With cold drinks  in the fridge and Bene Coopersmith spinning the best music on the East Coast, we guarantee you’ll be happy you walked in.