About the Walk-In, A Boutique Salon and Barbershop

Located inside the Record Shop at 360 Van Brunt, The Walk-In is a boutique salon and barber, offering a full-range of  hair cuts and color services. The Walk-In has cultivated a unique salon environment that is simultaneously cozy and intimate while also being a community space that is full of good music, bright light, and summer vibes. The shop offers highly personalized cuts, colors, and styles for all genders.


In addition to offering fragrance free shampoo and conditioner options, we also offer ammonia free hair color on request. We invite you to  schedule  a haircut online, give us a call to talk about your appointment needs and/or book a color appointment, or just pop in to say hi and check out the styling products (and records) on offer. With cold drinks  in the fridge and Bene Coopersmith spinning the best music on the East Coast, we guarantee you’ll be happy you walked in.

About Chelsea Belle, Owner and Stylist/Colorist


Chelsea Belle  brings  a good eye, a sharp set of shears, and 13 years of experience in the industry  with her to the neighborhood. Chelsea is an Aveda trained stylist who began her hair career in the Bay Area before moving to Brooklyn 9 years ago.

Chelsea thinks of doing hair as a kind of ‘practice of every day art.’ Her philosophy of hairstyling is predicated on a belief that how we feel about our hair and our look matters deeply to how we operate in the world. A style is only great then if a client can recreate it at home and have it become part of their daily life. Chelsea therefore focuses on creating styles that fit her clients rather than turning the hair into a foreign imposition that acts on the person in her chair. This process begins with a good consultation and, while a picture is often worth a thousand words, playing twenty questions about your hair and what you want it to do can often be just as important as an image.

In her off hours, Chelsea is completing her PhD in Politics at the New School, where she also sometimes teaches undergrad courses on history, politics, philosophy, and religion. Her research focuses on coalition building between conservative Christian groups during the 1970s in the United States. She is also trying to work out a Marxist theory of grace, but that’s another story.